Top 5 Places to Find Alternative Energy News Online

Staying current and up to date with renewable energy news and developments can provide you with many important opportunities to make a bigger difference with your efforts. Adopting new technology and making use of more sustainable resources can allow you to create a greener home, business or lifestyle. Failing to stay informed and current with such issues could leave you unable to make the most difference through your efforts and may result in you missing out on far more opportunities Continue reading ‘Top 5 Places to Find Alternative Energy News Online’ »

Are All Alternative Energy Sources Renewable?

One of the biggest issues when it comes to understanding alternative energy is keeping track of the nomenclature. It often feels as if countless companies or specialists use a number of terms interchangeably, and this will often lead to huge misunderstandings between parties. This is especially true for those taking a closer look at alternative energy and renewable energy.

Alternative energy is generally used to describe all sources of energy that are not derived from fossil fuels, namely oil. Some of the most popular forms of Continue reading ‘Are All Alternative Energy Sources Renewable?’ »

3 Unique Alternatives for Transportation Energy

Taking a bicycle to work is a wonderful way to conserve energy, get more exercise and feel better about your impact on the environment. There are many things you need to know if you are thinking of biking to work instead of taking your car. One major benefit would be the cost-savings that you will obtain when you ride a bicycle to work instead of driving a car. With the rising cost of gas, it is very difficult to spend this amount Continue reading ‘3 Unique Alternatives for Transportation Energy’ »

Advantages of Switching to Alternative Energy

There are lots of advantages to switching to an alternative energy source. Alternative energy usually doesn’t involve any harmful chemical reactions and it often includes renewable sources of power like the wind and running water – making it quite helpful to the environment. Alternative energy and energy providers can also be advantageous to you, the homeowner and consumer.

How much do you pay with your current electricity provider? If you’re like many Americans in this country, you’re already paying far too much and, depending on your current provider, the rates just keep on climbing.

That’s why it’s always good to look at alternative (or “green” if you like) energy providers. Sites that Texas Electric Companies are a great place to start when researching alternative energy providers, and you might even find the information you need for other alternative energy providers in other parts of the country.

In many cases, siding with an alternative energy provider could actually cut back on what you normally pay for electricity each month and, while you are saving money you are also helping to save the environment. It’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it so, if you aren’t powering your home with a green energy provider, you might just want to look into it.

What Was the First Source of Alternative Energy?

These days the term “alternative energy” implies a clean, environmentally friendly, “green” source of power. The reasons for this are well known: it has become apparent to the scientific community and the general populace (in many cases through empirical evidence) that many of the resources we’ve been using to power our world are not only dwindling themselves, but have been causing ineffably huge amounts of damage to our ecosystem and atmosphere. The world’s population continues to grow at increasingly rapid rates, as does technology, and more sources Continue reading ‘What Was the First Source of Alternative Energy?’ »

5 Different Types of Alternative Energy

What sources of energy to use is an often-contested subject. Alternative energy sources can be used as a full or partial replacement for non-renewable energy sources. Most of the alternative energy sources today are renewable as opposed to fossil fuels, which are a non-renewable source of energy.

Wind power is one of the most widely used of the alternative energy sources. In locations with constant winds, the land becomes very valuable. The energy that the turbines produce is fed into a generator and from there goes into Continue reading ‘5 Different Types of Alternative Energy’ »

Disadvantages of Switching to Alternative Energy

There is much to be said in favor of finding alternative energy sources. However, there are reasons why more people do not pursue resources other than fossil fuel. These obstacles hinder the progress of alternative energy.

The initial cost is one of the prime reasons that people and communities do not invest in clean energy. Manufacturing equipment and setting up the initial infrastructure can cost more than the financial benefits of switching to a renewable resource.

Another disadvantage of alternative energy sources is their reliance on climate conditions. Wind factories Continue reading ‘Disadvantages of Switching to Alternative Energy’ »

Is Investing In Alternative Energy Smart?

There are many different kinds of alternative energy, and switching from your normal fuel source can actually save you money. Many more motor vehicles on the market today are hybrids, meaning they can run of both gas and electricity. However with the addition of electricity, many drivers have found themselves using the gas station less. With the rising and falling prices of gas, it can end up being quite expensive to refill your tank. Switching to electricity as an alternative fuel source for your car can help save you the gas money you would have spent. Continue reading ‘Is Investing In Alternative Energy Smart?’ »

A Brief Look at Offshore Wind Turbines

Civilizations have been harnessing the power of the wind for thousands of years. Before electricity, wind was a main source of power for many people. While many people demand electricity made by the power companies, environmentally conscious citizens utilize wind turbines. Wind turbines are used on and off shore to produce electricity.

Off shore wind turbines produce more electricity because the winds are stronger on the ocean. These off shore wind farms are most useful is busy cities where energy costs are higher and there is not Continue reading ‘A Brief Look at Offshore Wind Turbines’ »